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Data Management solutions meet at the intersection of big data and business analytics. The data management market offers a broad spectrum of capabilities used to analyze data from disparate and increasingly diverse sources. Traditional data warehousing techniques are slowly being phased out with the adoption of data lakes, and cloud connectivity has emerged as a differentiating factor in a growing number of deployments.
As regulations grow stricter and compliance frameworks become more common, organizations will grow increasingly interested in dedicated data management tools, ensuring that they are keeping their data in a way that safeguards it from internal and external threats. Perhaps the most important use case for data management in the next five years will be Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In an attempt to assist you with what can become a daunting task of selecting the right product, these are the top-28 best data management platforms for 2018.

data is a managed service provider, and the company’s Insights Platform is known to handle large data volumes with relative ease. The vendor offers traditional data management functionality, as well as features considered to be core capabilities of software providers in horizontal markets. 1010data’s product is targeted at businesses in the financial services, retail, telecom, government, and healthcare. Solutions Review named 1010data a Retail Data Analytics Tool to Consider in October of 2017.

Amazon Redshift is integrated with other AWS services and has built-in commands for loading data in parallel nodes from Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, or EC3 and on-prem servers. Users can accomplish this via AWS Data Pipeline, Amazon Kinesis, and AWS Lambda integration with Redshift as the target. Users can also load streaming data into Amazon Redshift using Amazon Kinesis Firehose. Amazon is a dominant player in the cloud marketplace, and a broad spectrum of deployment options provides organizations with the ability to select only the capabilities they need.

Google is quietly amassing one of the better data management product portfolios in the marketplace. BigQuery’s serverless data warehouse provides organizations with data via real-time streaming for real-time analytics. The solution also offers expansive data encryption, security, and replication capabilities for automatic backup and recovery. Google has broad recognition in the overarching technology space, making the platform an easy selection for many organizations. This only figures to continue as organizations come up to speed with the search engine giant’s offerings.

IBM’s Db2 Hybrid Data Management offers organizations the choice to select any type of database or data warehouse or open source software. The solution collects, manages and provides insight to data across on-prem, private and public cloud, or integrated across structured and unstructured data types. IBM provides embedded machine learning and data science so users can run analytics on data in its native environment, and the common SQL engine with build-in data virtualization enables scalable data management.

Informatica offers an expansive portfolio of data management tools in various deployments. The vendor’s customer base is more than 7,000 organizations. Informatica touts strong interoperability between its growing list of software solutions, and the Big Data Management product features a Big Data Parser, Relate 360, Intelligent Data Lake, Enterprise Information Catalog, and Intelligent Streaming. Analyst house Gartner, Inc. named Informatica a leader in both the Metadata Management and Master Data Management markets late last year.


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